Friday, July 6, 2012

Disney Time !

Assalamualaikum everyone :)
i just want to write about my fabulous channel 
i love them since i`m still in childish level until now !
i dont know why.
maybe because of their love story
happy ending forever
cute face
beautiful dress
handsome hero
full of magical things
that can make me always have wonderful dreams even i did not wash my foots before sleep
hehehe :D

i know there are some of my friends will have lol !
because of my beloved one 
i dont really care about what the other say 
because everybody have their own love 

i would like to introduce my first love movie :)
Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs

the second one was :)
this was my feveret love story, even it was the second one movie,, because i really like  her costume and maybe the story relate with my life :)
" bersusah-susah dahulu,bersenang-senang kemudian "
the third one was :)
Rapunzel Tangled
this fairytale also relate with me !! really same tau ! have long hair, strong, not too polite, garang giler, active, too noisy, muke tebal, sometimes clumsy :) hehehe.. and even she was hard to fall in love with someone but once she fall with someone she will protect him forever, 
the last one was :)
The Princess & The Frog

i know there are lots of disney princess but these are the four fairytale that i had watch every moment i miss someone that i love or i have my new crush 
crush is important in your life because for me it would be the main goal for me to be a kind girl
and even to be the great mom in the future for my own flash blood 
 be the loyal wife to my future husband 
be the good daughter to my beloved parents
be the power sister to my brothers
menjadi hamba yang taat kepada Allah S.W.T

before i end my writing 
i would like to share
this picture
so glamor :)
they are awesome !
hehe oke bye-bye my loves


p/s : semua pics ikhlas dari mr.Google :)

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