Friday, November 18, 2011

seram sejuk rase nyer nak masuk sem 2 nie,,

Ain nak share perjalanan sem 2 ain nnti kat UiTM Puncak Alam ..
huish,,mcm2 Ain dgr,,
ade kater nnty kitorg kne balajar sampai ke malam,,huishh penat nyer~
tapi nk wat mcmner,,dah nme pon ikut jewla..keje kitorg hnya STUDY , STUDy & STUDY sampai la rase dah pandai sgt,,hehe memandai jew

tgok, la jadual klas ain utk Sem 2 nie,, hurgghh~ ade klas malam,, BIO plak tuh..dugaan~
oke,,nie perjalanan utk Sem 2 kami.. tgok,, seminggu jew cuty,,mmg struggle abis kitorg nie kang..haha

nie plak sylibus BIO bg Asasi Sains utk Sem 2 nie,,Alahai,, cket nyer~ padan la klas smpai ke malam,,huhu

Course Syllabus 
1.0        Digestive system
1.1          Structure of alimentary canal-related organs
1.2          Physical and chemical digestion
1.2.1       Groups of digestive enzymes (lipases, proteases, eg.)

2.0          Respiratory System
2.1          Mechanism of exhalation and inhalation
2.2          Structure of alveolus
2.2.1     gas exchange between alveoli and blood capillaries

3.0        Cardiovascular System
3.1          Component of blood (plasma and blood cells)
3.2          Open system and closed circulatory system
3.3          Single and double circulation
3.4          Structure and function of the heart, arteries and veins

4.0        Defense system
4.1          Basic concepts of defense
4.1.1       external barriers
4.1.2       white blood cells (T and B lymphocytes)

5.0        Reproductive system
5.1          The Cell
5.1.1       Mitosis
5.1.2       Meiosis
5.2          Types of reproduction in plants and animals
5.2.1       asexual reproduction
5.2.2       sexual reproduction
5.3          Types of fertilization
5.3.1       external fertilization
5.3.2       internal fertilization
5.4          Gametogenesis
5.4.1       spermatogenesis
5.4.2       spermiogenesis
5.4.3       oogenesis
5.5          Human Reproduction
5.5.1       process of ovulation
5.5.2       process of fertilization
5.5.3       cleavage and Blastula formation
5.5.4       process of implantation

6.0          Nervous and Hormonal Communication
6.1          Comparison between nerve and hormone communication
6.2          Major endocrine glands and function
6.3          Structure of neurons

7.0          Genetics
7.1          Mendelian genetics
7.1.1       monohybrid inheritance
7.1.2       dihybrid inheritance
7.2          DNA replication
7.2.1       review of experiment by Meselson-Stahl
7.3          Genetic code and its features
7.4          Protein synthesis : transcription and translation
7.4.1       Transcription in prokaryotes and eukaryotes
7.4.2       Translation – initiation, elongation and termination steps

8.0          Ecology
8.1          Definition of population, community, ecosystems.
8.2          Interactions
8.2.1       inter-specific and intra-specific
8.2.2       mutualism, parasitism, commensalisms
8.3          Energy transfer
8.3.1       food chain and food web
8.3.2       pyramid of numbers and biomass


1.         a.         Model and slides of digestive system
Effect of enzymes on food
2.         a.         Model and slides of respiratory system
Simple respirometer
3.         a.         Model and slides of cardiovascular system
Blood pressure measurement Heart rate measurement
4.         a.         Model and slides of cardiovascular system
Blood pressure measurement Heart rate measurement
5.         a.         Slides of white blood cells
Slides of white blood cells engulfing bacteria Slides of inflammatory reaction Videos
6.         Field Trips and Videos

Teaching Methodology

Lectures, laboratory and field trip.


Final Examination          -           70%
Tests and Quizzes         -           30%

Recommended Text:

Campbell, N.A and Reece, J.B. (2001). Essential Biology.  Benjamin Cummins.


Kent, M. (2000). Advanced Biology, Oxford university Press Campbell, N.A, Mitchell, L.G. and Reece, J.B. (2001). Biology – Concepts and connections with On Line Lab. 3rd Ed. Benjamin Cummins.

so amacam ???
ade berani nak masuk Sem 2 nie,,
hehe KIter tggu dan Lihat yer,, oke bye~

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